Auge: Roar of the Lion

Item ID: 512

Type: long sword

Mysterious ore called Auge This auge changes the appearance of 'Long Swords'

Weapon Level: 23 /Duribility: 6974

Tradable: Yes /Sale Price: 209 Rufi

Max Stackable: 1

Min Close Attack: 13

Min Ranged Attack: 0

Min Magic Attack: 0

Max Close Attack: 81

Max Ranged Attack: 0

Max Magic Attack: 0

Races: Norman Classes

(Min JLV): Novice (0) Swordsman (0) Thief (0) Recurit (0) Enchanter (0) Clown (0) Knight (0) Assassin (0) Specialist (0) Sage (0) Gambler (0)

Quest Attainable: None

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