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DIvinia RO2 is the largest private RO2 server available. Divinia RO2 was first released back in May 2008 and since then has come along way being the foremost server in the release of new content. Divinia RO2 is the only RO2 server with a stylist, PvP, player control panel, custom headgear traders, and frequent events.

Along with a friendly community Divinia RO2 has an active helpful international GM team that is ready to enhance your gaming experience.

Server InformationEdit

DiviniaRO2 Trailer - By TheAntoinette03:29

DiviniaRO2 Trailer - By TheAntoinette

Divinia RO2 Trailer [By TheAntoinette]-02-0000-02-0000

Language  : English / International
Location  : Nashville TN
Rates  : 50x/50x/50x/20x (CXP/JXP/WXP/Drops)
Type  : Private RO2 Server
Phase  : Open Alpha Test Server (5/29/2008)
Emulator  : Janus
Founder  :


Administrator Reddozen / Belle
Processor  : 4x AMD 2.2GHZ Quad Core Processors (16 Cores)
Ram  : 2x 1GB Dual Channel Ram per Processor (8GB)
Hard Drive  :

Solid State Drives for Maximum Performance
250MB/S Read
170MB/S Write

Connection  : 100MBIT



Player CommandsEdit

In chat mode, type:

/who - This will list everyone online.
/count - This will give you the counted number of people who are online.
/where - This will list where you are.
/move # -

This will move you between cities. [1: Hodemimes, 5: Prontera, 12: Cognito, 20: Alfheim]

/pvp -

This will turn PvP on.

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