You are free to edit items in Ragnarok Online 2 Wiki if u found an error, mistake or something wrong on it.

Typical ErrorsEdit

  • Wrong Item Picture: If you found an item with a wrong picture (not user picture detailed down) u can delete that picture and upload the correct one. Take care to upload with the correct number (Item ID) or the picture wont be showed.
  • Wrong User Picture: Each item can have only one user picture, and is not allowed to delete an old one to add your own picture. If Picture is not correct or item isn't watched correctly you can upload a new one with a name that you want.
  • Wrong Item Data: Is possible to find items with wrong data, (Level required, price, drop, etc.) Only if you are sure that your data is correct you can change it.

Other kind of picture mistakes can be found on items preview. items preview is a template to show a short description of an item (picture, name and ID). To show it correctly you have to know how work this template:

Correct one:

{{item_preview|NAME=Crab Pin|ID=3506}}
3506 Crab Pin

Wrong one:

{{item_preview|NAME=Crap Ping|ID=3506}}
3506 Crap Ping

Wrong one:

3506 Worldmap

Please use this function correctly.

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