NPC - Quests


Name: Prontera City
Type: City
Levels: 1 - 99
Map Obtained: Obtained from Character Creation
Connections: Prontera West Field Prontera South Field


Image: Pos: Name: Type:
1 Anne Quest
2 Aronos Dodd Quest
3 Binta Heaton Quest
4 Bonifaz Knapp Quest
5 Dave Maul Quest
6 Ditrahel Quest
7 Egon Quest
8 Emma Whitlef Auction House
9 Elisa Quest
10 Gabor Klein Quest
11 Heinrich Hansel Cattleya
12 Hollgren Blacksmith
13 Irma Swane Quest
14 Joachim Tristan Quest
15 Joaquin Baumann Quest
16 Kurt Stover Quest
17 Ludwig Frisby Quest
18 Lutz Tristan Quest
19 Magnet Wilhelmina Shop
20 Magnilda Haswell Quest
21 Meinhard Anselm Shop
22 Monika Reynolds Quest
23 Mr Pitt Kafra
24 Nado Archibald Quest
25 Niaong Quest
26 Nikki Rozense Quest
27 Oscar Eatone Auction House
28 Paskel Quest
29 Pelshia Hiltrud Quest
30 Pikas Wilbert Auge Exchanger
31 Prado Alden Quest
32 Polix Quest
33 Regina Salisbury Shop
34 Rekard Quest
36 Seraphina Falke Quest
37 Sophie Tristan Quest
38 Theon Stratos Quest
39 Toskar Alden Quest
40 Trusa Ralph Quest
41 Tycinm Mayor Quest
42 Vanda Acton Quest
43 Volker Stanwood Quest
44 Willhelm Howke Quest
45 Zilbert Huntington Quest
46 Zipu Hanse Quest
47 Zoschka Whiting Quest


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