Ragnarok Online 2: Gate of the World is a Massive Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG) created by Gravity Corp that is the sequel to the popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online. The most notable feature is the game's conversion from 2D to 3D. Ragnarok Online -.- attempts to improve on its prequel's formula in many ways with various new features. Some of these features are as follows:

The following details have been sourced directly from Wikipedia's article on Ragnarok Online 2. Max level 20000

  • Real Emotion Expression, allowing player avatars to show and express realistic emotions. This will replace the "bubble emotes" from the original...................................................................-.-.-.-.-.-.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-
  • Anti-Theft Mob System, which gives benefits to a victof kill-stealing instead of penalizing the offender.
  • Safe Trade System, which enables two ways of trade. The first option requires an item from both parties (or 
  • return.Killing one strong creature has been redesigned to be far more effective than killing multiple weaker enemies. Grouping has also been made far more beneficial to those in the group.
  • Loot collection has been changed to a "loot the body" system. Instead of making dropped items fall onto the ground, the player must select the fallen enemy's corpse and retrieve the items.
  • Jumping and swimming have been implemented.
  • There will be a day and night cycle.

Equipment levelingEdit

RO2 has implemented a new system in which equipment itself levels up. This system allows people to keep their favorite pieces of equipment because they continue being useful instead of tossing them out when they become outdated.

Equipment in RO2 is separated into two categories: they are either a leveling type, or a non-leveling type. The leveling equipment types can gain experience and levels, just like your character, whereas the non-leveling type doesn't acquire any experience and doesn't level at all.

All of the following gear is considered to be of the leveling type: weapons, shields, gloves, "upper" clothing, and shoes. The rest - "lower" clothing, garments, belts and accessories - are considered to be the non-leveling type.

Leveling Equipment...

  • Can level up.
  • Has fixed base stats.
  • Belongs to you and you alone from the moment it is identified.
  • Cannot be traded.

Non-leveling Equipment...

  • Cannot level up.
  • Has randomized base stats.
  • Doesn't belong to any one specific person.
  • Can be traded.

An item "belonging" to a character works in a similar way to an item being customized in Guild Wars or soul bound in World of Warcraft.

Equipments are separated into three classes: C-class, B-class, and A-class. Each of these classes has a max level that your equipment can reach. Once it's reached its max level, you must use a special equipment combination item in order to upgrade it to the next class. When this happens, you can either choose to keep the equipment's features, or you can opt to change the equipment's name, shape, special ability, and growth rate changes. Only the stats remain the same. An example of this that's been given is that the C-class weapon, "Ellr's Knife," which focuses on both melee and magic power, can be upgraded into the B-class weapon, "Kris of Thorns," which has a new growth rate focus on critical rate. The max level of every class is as follows:

C-class: Max level 20

B-class: Max level 20

A-class: Max level 30

Once your leveled equipment’s experience bar reaches 100%, it will not level on its own. Instead, you will have to take the piece of equipment to the nearest blacksmith NPC to upgrade it for you for a small fee. The equipment's stats will increase randomly based on its growth rate. The growth rate simply determines which stats are more likely to increase when the piece of equipment levels. For example, if a piece of equipment's growth rate focuses on melee damage, the stats of the equipment's melee damage will increase at a much higher rate than other stats.


The statistics in RO2 vary significantly from the original system. When a player levels up their base level, they are given several points to increase stats of their choosing.


Unlike its prequel, Ragnarok Online 2 includes 2 additional races as well as the Norman race (from the original). For further information on the races, see Norman, Ellr, and Dimago.


See Novice, Clown, Enchanter, Recruit, Swordman, and Thief.

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