YggRO2 Site

Language  : English
Server Location  : California
Rates  : 10x/10x/10x/5x(CXP/JXP/WXP/Drops)
Type  : Private RO2 Server
Phase  : Official launch 9/3/2009
Emulator  : SAGA "Rev" (extensivley modified)
Founder  :


One of the top RO2 servers, it's name refers to a "Yggdrasil leaf" as the idea was to resurrect this abandoned game which had great potential. It is a small server, run by the admin and a single developer until the recent addition of another "part time" web designer/developer. Rules are enforced and blatant explotiation in front of the staff is not tolerated.

The server's main features are its the stability, support and functionality. Due to the multitude of now functional features (parties, friends lists, boats, multiple weapons, mob skills), redesigned mechanics (stats, defense, overhauled skill system) and brand new features (All class armor exchange, mount items, and a 2+ person 75-85 dungeon Cog_D02 with an entire new zone being created for 85-99), the forum contains almost complete newbie guide which is a requirement to read before entering the server. Auges and Headgear drop from mobs as it has since the server opened, items through level 85 were also added as drops back in October of 2009 (all were done manually, and thus are custom) Items required for any trade also drop, but at rates lower than 5x. Most of the game is translated to English, but much of the NPC generic conversation dialog is still Korean (not the buttons).

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